Location scouting in South Africa means that you get to explore the world in one country. From skyscrapers to the safari, from the desert to the oceans, you get it all. Filming in South Africa offers a large variety of scenery for any producer. The country’s contrasts can also be a suitable addition for a journalistic report. Consider documentary filming in protected areas like Kruger National Park for eye-catching shots. The services we provide as a fixer in South Africa will go beyond your expectations.

We have a wide network of collaborators, from Pretoria, Johannesburg to Cape Town. Even in the Kalahari desert, we can make sure you get all you need. Our team provides top location scouting in South Africa. Let us show you the way!

Location scouting in South Africa – Filming in Johannesburg

location scouting, South Africa Filming Locations

The second-largest city in Africa is a perfect location for various video productions. As a leading fixer for film production, we know where the gold mines are. For real, our location scouting in Johannesburg is all about the most stunning spots. The Cradle of Humankind or the Apartheid Museum match documentary filming. But our experience as a fixer for documentary allows us to know more than meets the eye about these places. We know the City of Gold like the back of our hand. Rely on our expertise, we are the perfect fixer for film production for you.

Expand your horizons and let us handle the location scouting in Johannesburg for you. Exploit the full potential of Soweto’s vibrant life in your next video production. Reveal all the secrets of the historic mansions built in the suburbs. All you need, catered by a knowledgeable fixer for documentary.

Filming in Johannesburg is our specialty. Get in touch with us today!

Location scouting in South Africa – Filming in the Kalahari Desert

location scouting, South Africa Filming Locations

Documentary filming in the Kalahari Desert is a very rewarding kind of video production. No need to be a scaredy-cat when it comes to paperwork or finding the right crew for hire. Find the hotspots where the big cats are, capture wilderness in its purest form on camera. Location scouting in the Kalahari Desert or equipment rental, we know where to find what you need.

Step up your game with documentary filming in the Kalahari Desert. Explore areas with rich fauna wildlife, from meerkat to cape fox and more. Focus on being creative and making the most of the area’s potential. What happens when you trust your experienced production coordinator to handle the details? Location scouting in the Kalahari Desert becomes a mere task.

Fixer South Africa is the top-notch production coordinator you can trust. For an extensive array of services, you know we got you covered. Contact us and let’s plan your documentary filming in the Kalahari desert!

Location scouting in South Africa – Filming in Pretoria

location scouting, South Africa Filming Locations

South Africa’s eclectic features are hard to ignore. When filming in Pretoria, get ready to embrace the real Afrikaans vibes. Our camera package rental deals will complement your visionary ideas and budget. And rest assured, getting film permits in Pretoria is part of our production support.

One cannot escape nature when filming in Pretoria. The capital’s hotspots include diverse natural reserves and botanical gardens. But its Victorian-style buildings and impressive museums are also enchanting. Rely on our location scouting in Pretoria to spot the real gold mines when it comes to settings.

Our production assistance makes filming in Pretoria run smoother than the Apies river. Get the sweetest deals in camera package rental, and capture the raw beauty of the Jacaranda City. And for film permits in Pretoria, let us guide you every step of the way. Make the most of its photogenic spots.

Let’s talk about filming in Pretoria!

Location scouting in South Africa – Filming in Cape Town

location scouting, South Africa Filming Locations

This South African capital is a potpourri of African, European and Malay elements. Our location scouting in Cape Town reveals its historical and natural potential. Let the Table Mountain give away its secrets through your lens. Location scouting in Cape Town is one of our specialties, so let us help you. If you need a reliable camera operator for your TV production, we got you covered. Fixer South Africa is the top-notch journalist fixer you need.

Be bold and trust us to go the extra mile for you. Rely on us for the ultimate location scouting in Cape Town. We know all the insights on popular places like Boulders Beach or Robben Island. From penguins to a UNESCO World Heritage site, filming in Cape Town is far from dull. Even better, we bring you also the best crew for hire, from camera operator to translator.

Stunning panoramas that complement rich historical spots. Exploit Cape Town’s filming potential with the best journalist fixer. Drop us a message today!