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Fixer South Africa is your most-wanted production support provider. We offer a wide range of services for international journalists and TV crews.

Filming in South Africa turns into a gold mine with us.

South Africa is also known as being “the world in one country”. The same principle applies to our work. We are more than a top-notch journalist fixer, so rely on us to surpass your expectations. We know where and how to get the best resources in the country. Fixer South Africa is a one-stop-shop for video production. From equipment rental to crew sourcing, we do it all. For the ultimate location scouting in South Africa, our local team is here for you.

Fixer South Africa brings you a step closer to a wide national network of professionals. If you plan to film in South Africa, choose the best production assistance. We collaborate with local experts, so you can enjoy the services fit for your film production.

Why is Fixer South Africa exactly what you need?

fixer south africa, Reliable Support for International Filmmakers and Journalists

Dare to get your hopes high when filming in South Africa. We are here to offer you top production assistance. From the Cape of Good Hope to Pretoria, we take care of your production needs all over the country. Crew sourcing, film permit formalities, all is part of our portfolio. To see a complete list of our fixing and production services, click here.

Enjoy all the benefits a dedicated team of production fixers can provide. Trust Fixer South Africa to help you get access to the best local resources. Capture incredible shots in stunning locations, from Seal Island to the Kalahari Desert. Filming in South Africa will get a lot better thanks to our local partners. From Johannesburg to Cape Town, our experts will know exactly how to seal the best deals.

Make the most of this country’s all-encompassing landscape and resources. For location scouting and more, let us show you the way. We have experience with all kinds of TV and film productions. Our knowledgeable team is the kind of fixer in South Africa you were searching for. Check our our suggestions for the best filming locations in South Africa.

We also handle logistics & equipment rental

Equipment rental, camera operator, crew for hire? The Fixer South Africa team will know where to find all the resources you need. Count on the most knowledgeable fixer in South Africa. We speak the same language as journalists and video producers. For any filmmakers who have a mountain to climb, we are here to help. Whether it is Table Mountain or another peak, we can deal with the tedious tasks for filming in South Africa. We bring the country’s best resources and experts to the table. For your audiovisual production, enjoy the ultimate production assistance.

Fixer South Africa is a one-stop-shop for film producers and journalists. We are part of Storytailors, a network of media mavens offering local support worldwide. Rely on our proficient production assistance when filming in South Africa. Contact us today!

Filming in South Africa with Us

fixer south africa, Reliable Support for International Filmmakers and Journalists

For reliable and affordable production assistance, Fixer South Africa is the answer. We are ready to provide solutions for any filmmakers and journalists, at any time. For press coverage or film projects, filming in South Africa is better with us on your side. Find out more about the filming conditions and South Africa film permits here.

Not sure which path to take between the wild safari and the skyscrapers in Johannesburg? We have some tricks up our sleeve for location scouting in South Africa. The view from God’s Window might inspire your next video production. Let us handle the film permit, while you go chasing the Big Five. Fixer South Africa’s network of local partners is the key to efficiency and top results. In and beyond the Kalahari desert, an experienced journalist fixer like us is a true oasis.



Why Work with Fixer South Africa

Collaborating with the right production fixers is an ocean of resources in the palm of your hand. Fixer South Africa ensures you do your documentary filming like a pro. With our partners all across the land and water, you get the best equipment rental rates.

We provide services countrywide, from Pretoria to Cape Town. Our local partners will guide you through every step in getting a film permit. When it comes to location scouting, our team will always go the extra mile. We can get you the best deals on camera package rental. When filming in South Africa, we can also put you in contact with the most versatile crew for hire. Our experience as a journalist fixer taught us the importance of a good camera operator. We promise flexible and affordable rates, efficiency and a network of reliable media professionals ready to help you.  Discover more about us and our global network of fixers here

Drop us a message and get a taste of what we can do. Enjoy initial research and consultation services on the house. For the best production assistance, choose Fixer South Africa.

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Affordable options for documentary producers & filmmakers.

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Local kit hire & crew sourcing all around South Africa .

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Our fixers can sort location permits and gain access to places throughout the country.

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