Go wild about filming in South Africa while we make sure you don’t fly into the face of danger. Trust us, a team of local journalist fixers in South Africa, to handle all the details for you. Explore the world in one country without restrictions. We provide full support, from equipment rental to film permits in South Africa.

Our production assistance experts will make sure to cover all your needs. Filming in South Africa is a rewarding experience for foreign filmmakers and journalists. For every aspect of production, from film permits to contributors, count on us. Skilled and proficient, we are among the leading journalist fixers in South Africa.

Access for Filming in South Africa

Filming in south africa, Filming in South Africa

The life of penguins can be a great topic for documentary filming in South Africa. To capture the action with the right tools, consider our local production assistance. Fixer South Africa is the answer for both filmmakers and media agencies. Our team of journalist fixers covers all your needs, from paperwork to crew for hire. For all-encompassing production assistance, rely on us when filming in South Africa.

The country’s exceptional diversity makes video production a rewarding challenge. For the best access to resources, collaborate with the experts in production assistance. Filming in South Africa shouldn’t have you grasping at straws. Any of the country’s three capitals can be a great location for news reports. If safari wildlife is more appealing for your documentary filming project, don’t hesitate. Rely on our production and journalist fixers for support in any location. Chase away the clouds of doubt for the costs involved when filming in South Africa. We are a reliable and affordable production assistance provider.

Authorities are supportive of audiovisual projects developed in the country. Therefore, filming in South Africa can benefit from the government’s contributions. They acknowledge the important role the film sector plays in various aspects. The audiovisual industry promotes social cohesion, supports economic growth and creates job opportunities. Due to this, the government offers incentives to help the film production industry.

As in most countries, formalities arise if filming in South Africa impacts the public. For example, if it involves closing public spaces or traffic control. Our production assistance handles the film permits needed from government departments. Avoid the hassle, let our team manage the paperwork for you.

Getting Film Permits in South Africa

Filming in south africa, Filming in South Africa

From the Big Five to the dunes of Kalahari, filming in South Africa is an experience far from dull. This country is becoming a top choice for more international producers and journalists. The governmental filming incentives and professional production fixers make things even better.

Any crew filming in South Africa has to get film permits for public spaces. These include streets, pavements, government buildings and more. Authorities issue film permits in South Africa based on an online or in pencil request. Producers must contact the local councils from the regions where the shooting takes place. Authorities recommend considering the calendar when applying for permission. It is ideal to make the request at least 14 working days before the estimated start date of the shooting. This ensures they get the film permits in South Africa without delays.

The country has its own growing film industry. As the government supports audiovisual projects, finding experienced production fixers is quite easy. Each region has dedicated offices that simplify the process of getting approvals. Regional and international productions also benefit from a wide network of journalist fixers.

Let us get you out of the woods when it comes to getting film permits in South Africa. Our production fixers know all about fees and regulations. Get in touch with us today!

Tax Rebate When Filming in South Africa

Filming in south africa, Filming in South Africa

When it comes to film rebates and incentives, things may feel overwhelming. When filming in South Africa, our experts can answer all your mind-boggling questions. We are a knowledgeable and reliable production company, at your service. We offer you access to an extensive array of local resources. When in doubt, rely on us to be the fixer for film production you need.

Avoid feeling discouraged by formalities. Get the right advice from a proficient fixer for film production. We ensure you understand all about the regulations, rebates, and incentives.

Filming in South Africa offers any production company plenty of attractive incentives. These resources are available for national as well as international co-productions. The incentive program is under the wing of the Department of Trade and Industry (the DTI). This program aims to strengthen and promote the country’s film and TV industry. It also contributes towards creating more job opportunities in South Africa.

The Foreign Film and Television Production and Post-Production Incentive is also relevant. It is a sub-program of the DTI’s incentive scheme. It targets foreign films and TV productions with a larger budget. Alongside post-productions, they increase employment creation. Through this, the country’s film and TV industry becomes more visible worldwide.

Make the most of the resources available when filming in South Africa. Trust our expertise as a fixer for documentary, and take the first step towards the resources you deserve. Get in touch with us today!