Fixer South Africa is a local network of production fixers providing national support. We assist film crews and international journalists filming in South Africa.

We are a division of Storytailors video production company. As part of a global network of media experts, we have one main goal. To connect journalists and filmmakers worldwide with the best local resources.

We are a top-notch production coordinator and our services cover the whole country. From Johannesburg to Cape Town, you will not find better production fixers than us. Location scouting, equipment rental and more, we do them all.

If you plan on filming in South Africa, get in touch with us.

Our International Production Manager

Production Manager in Tunisia


Mercy is a professional African Production Manager with over 17 years of expertise in translating thoughts, ideas, and concepts into impactful video content.

Mercy’s expertise spans a wide spectrum, ranging from short films to full-length feature films and documentaries.

As an alumni of the prestigious Berlinale Talent Campus, Mercy has produced in Africa films for Discovery Channel, BBC, Sony Entertainment, MTV,  including directing live wildlife shows in the Maasai Mara (Kenya) and Sabi Sands (South Africa) for Nat Geo Wild. This breadth of experience showcases her adaptability and skill in navigating different storytelling approaches.

Professional Production Fixers

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Chase your goals as fast as a cheetah when filming in South Africa. Collaborate with professional production fixers and step up your game. Fixer South Africa is a reliable production company with nationwide coverage.

Our wide network of partners gives you access to any resources you need, on land and water. From the desert to the ocean, we are the reliable journalist fixer you were searching for. Enjoy our professional support for TV and film production. Whether you plan a TV commercial production or documentary filming, we are versatile. Filming in South Africa will reach a whale new level of success with us by your side.

Why choose our production company? Our knowledge and experience come in handy for any producer filming in South Africa. Equipment rental, translation, location scouting, we do it all.

And it gets better. Being a popular choice as a journalist fixer in South Africa, we get the best resources, for the best rates. Enjoy flexible fees and general production assistance at the highest standards.

Affordable and customizable, our services will make no exception from quality. Choose us to be your local production fixers when filming in South Africa. And your video production will be a true success. Get in touch with us today!

Production Assistance For World-Famous Media Brands

Fixer South Africa is the wisest choice any filmmaker can make. We are among the best production fixers you can find and we offer sweet deals for our services. When filming in South Africa, our production assistance is priceless. For international journalists and filmmakers, our local support is a real gold mine.

Join a long list of international media brands that chose our production assistance. History Channel and Discovery Channel found our production fixers perfect for their projects. BBC and the New York Times also enjoyed our professional support.

Dare to rely on our team of experienced production fixers. Filming in South Africa will not have a lion in the way with our help. Our production fixers help you see only the Kalahari black-maned lions. Our devotion and passion drive us all across the country and beyond. Let us prove to you why we are the favorite choice of world-famous media brands.

Fixer South Africa portfolio includes documentary filming, TV productions and more. As production fixers, we go the extra mile for cover stories or news reports. Our clients always get the best local supplies, at the most advantageous rates.

We will hunt high and low for all you need. So drop us a line if you plan on filming in South Africa.

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