The Production Assistance You Need in South Africa

For top production assistance, rely on us to be your fixer in South Africa. Our production assistance will meet even the highest standards. When filming in South Africa, count on us to know what you need and where to get it from. From renting equipment to translation, our portfolio of services goes beyond the oceans. We can find the best location manager and the crew for hire you need, with flexible rates. Our nationwide network of contacts and experience in media are, for sure, unrivaled.

As a leading fixer in South Africa, our production assistance is all you dreamed of. For filmmakers and journalists covering a story, we can ensure:

– Equipment rental and logistics.
– Affordable film and TV crew for hire.
– Extensive location scouting, for the most photogenic spots around
the country.
– Support with film permit procedures.

We can customize our offer depending on your needs. Let’s talk more about filming in South Africa!

Production assistance in South Africa – our services

Fixer in South Africa

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If filming in South Africa is in your plans, avoid the wild-goose chase. Let the local experts tell you all about the rules of the game. Count on an experienced fixer in South Africa to get you closer to the Big Five. We are a team of independent media professionals providing top production assistance. We have a wide network of local experts that ensure a thorough approach to video production. Having an ace up your sleeve means getting access to local resources at the best prices. Choose us as your fixer in South Africa for the best logistics, adapted to your project and your budget.

Film permit in South Africa

The process of getting a film permit in South Africa is subject to each region’s legislation. Based on location, duration, the implications on the local community, conditions can vary. Why boil the oceans when you can trust a local film production company like Fixer South Africa?

Keep in mind how your video production affects the local community. For example, if it disrupts traffic, you need the officials’ approval. Authorities can issue your film permit in South Africa based on an online request. Fill in all the details about your production in the online form, as early as two weeks before you start.

Get in touch today and our local experts will help you get the film permit in South Africa.

Best Deals for Equipment Rental

Rely on Fixer South Africa for the sweetest deals. Save a lot of time and money with camera package rental matching your budget. Professional filming gear is essential in any location, from the desert to the end of the oceans.

Our collaborators can provide unrivaled rates for equipment rental. All across the land and water, you get the ultimate filming tools that won’t cost you an arm and a leg thanks to our production assistance services.

Johannesburg and Cape Town are the major equipment rental centers in the country. Camera package rental is accessible in any location with the help of local providers. Collaborate with Fixer South Africa and get the best deals on equipment rental.

Experienced Crew for Hire in South Africa

production assistance, Production Services

If penguins exist in South Africa, then so do trustworthy production fixers. For reliable crew for hire in South Africa, count on us. From camera operators to background actors, we know where to find them. For high-quality production assistance, there is no better fixer in South Africa than us.

When filming in South Africa, rest assured, there will be plenty of local crew for hire. Adaptable to any kind of international audiovisual project, they also have flexible fees. In case language barriers worry you when filming in South Africa, we have good news. You will find plenty of English speakers to join your crew. And if you need a suitable camera operator, we ensure you don’t have to rob a gold mine for him. Any resource is within reach with the right kind of fixer in South Africa. Drop us a line and we will take care of getting you the best crew for hire and more.

Location Scouting in South Africa

Choose an experienced fixer in South Africa to reveal the best spots. The best location scouting in South Africa, that’s what we do.

After all, no one knows better the best places for whale watching than a local. When you are filming in South Africa, the wildest dreams might find their equals in the safari. Let us show you the way. We ensure going south is only for documentary filming on penguins. Location scouting in South Africa at its best is what we provide.

Modern superstructures, untamed safari, the choice is yours. And with our top production assistance, there will be no lion in the way of your success.

Journalist fixer in South Africa

Press freedom is in most countries, guaranteed, but in some countries, still fragile. RSF ranked South Africa as 31st in the 2019 World Press Freedom Index. So if you are an international journalist planning to cover a story here, there are some aspects to keep in mind. Make sure you play by the rules, with the help of a local journalist fixer in South Africa.

We cover all your needs, from film permits to general production assistance. Our experience recommends us as a top film production company. Our services as a journalist fixer in South Africa surpass any expectations. We always go the extra mile to help reporters cover a story the right way. From finding a flexible cameraman to getting a film permit, we handle all the tedious tasks.

Score interviews with well-known figures for the best insights. Get in touch with local authorities for an extensive news report. Rely on us to be your most knowledgeable journalist fixer in South Africa.

What makes our production assistance stand out? Our local network of professionals gives you access to any resource you need and the best rates. Enjoy complimentary initial research and facts check, as a taste of what Fixer South Africa can do. Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you.